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May 02, 2007


Paul Kennedy

On that basis it seems that the L/Ds haven't got anything to offer on the big local issues, and therefore why should anybody vote for them?

Iraq, big cock up, that's life, learn from it, move forward, you can't turn back the clocks, and being smug and sanctimonious doesn't solve the problem.

It is also worth remembering that the L/Ds wanted a second UN resolution as I recall, had there have been one, they too would have supported the war.....wouldn't they. ;)

Justin Hinchcliffe


Matt Davis

Talk about a one trick pony! If the LibDems cannot manage better than a rehash of the one thing that the electorate, suitably brainwashed for them by the BBC, seem to agree with them about then that really makes a mockery of the LibDem claim to genuine localism.

Rachel Joyce

And I thought the LibDems always wanted to make out they are a party that champions local issues...!


If we hadn't spent billions on Iraq, we would have more money to spend on local schools and hospitals, transport, etc...

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