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July 08, 2010



Get real this "Pip-Sqeak" with a face that only a Mother could love and even she gave him away at birth was exactly right.

Dennis Skinner once called a Conservative MP a "Pompous Pratt" and on that occasion he too was also right, when asked to withdraw the remark by the Speaker, Skinner said "I withdraw the word "pompous".

I am no lover of Labour but people need to keep their feet on the grounds with Pratt's like Gove, who are so full of their own importance it is not real.

Watson is an uncouth bruiser at times but he was spot on, on this occasion as Skinner was then. Only the most partisan Conservative would state other-wise.

Yes I know that I am going to take a lot of flack for supporting both these MP's, my argument to that would be, I look at the facts as they are and not through Blue / Rose tinted glasses and NO!! I definitely am not a Labour supporter just a realist.


Tom Watson - what a miserable fat labour slob


Gove has been promoted well beyond his capabilities, I thought he was the bees knees up until he became Secretary of State. Now I Know different, I wish Cameron would rid himself of this Pratt and put Graham Brady in. He is the weakest link on the front bench and Cameron has had to apologise for the fool and his mistakes. They were embarrasing to the party.

Get rid of the fool before he repeats the exercise and give Labour more ammunition. There is a plethora of talent on the back benches to chose from.


CORRECTION!! what I meant to say was

"Get real Watson's caustic remarks were exactly right. This "Pip-Sqeak" with a face that only a Mother could love and even she gave him away at birth"

Tom H

Everyone knows that Tom Watson is a pathetic little incompetant with delusions of grandeur, I mean he even thought that as a junior defense minister his resignation would be so important it would topple Blair!!!! This despicable statement just follows on from the Damien McBride affair and his determination to smear other repectable MPs to try and make himself look less useless.

On a side note I'd like to point out the refreshingly radical new type of accountability the Conservatives have brought into government with them, A Conservative minister makes a mistake and instead of blaming his staff, juniors or being so stuborn he refuses to admit he's wrong, he actually apologises. Sit up and take note Liebour.

Patsy Sergeant

Mark Hudson @ 12.31 - What Mr. Watson is doing in parliament is lining his stomach, and lining his pockets. Which is why someone else has noted that Baron Prescott and Mr.(as yet!!!) Watson have so much in common - innit!

Patsy Sergeant

As sinosimon said @ 12.24pm, just a bit of investigation indicates that this is a fix, it is really rather obvious. I actually came on here to post that before I saw sinosimon's comment!!! Think! And I say this to people like Praetorian, who professes to have a fair mind! What did Labour and its spinners do about other promises to dole out cash - just before the election, KNOWING PERFECTLY WELL that an incoming government OF ANY COLOUR would NOT be able to honour all the promises. Well this particular 'promise' would have come roughly in the same category, and if Madam Cushion were to read sinosimon's comment @ 12.24pm it would be self-explanatory. But of course, teachers who are paid up union members are only going to have one point of view anyway.

One think I most certainly would suggest, is that ALL Conservative MP's should be a lot more savvy about who they are dealing with when it comes to research, or statistics or briefs of ANY KIND. If members of the public like myself are well aware of how the Labour government, in true Soviet style, stacked EVERY public body, & just about every newspaper with 'friends' if not actual committed socialists, which as yet HAVE NOT BEEN REMOVED, well they b88888 well should be!! Mr. Gove should NOT have trusted a quango or their side-kicks, wake up Mr. Gove, and smell the socialist!! He/she is not interested in education or poor people, or equality, just hare-brained ideas like the Harman and the Balls, after all it is only other people's money they are spending - definitely NOT their own!!!!

christina Speight

The new Private Eye exposes as its first article the total shambles of the Schools Rebuilding Programme and the vast cost of the permanent borrowing needed to finance it. Gove would been well advised to sidestep this deliberate booby-trap set up in the last days of the doomed Labour shambles of a government.

There is no substantive policy U-turn involved in the mistake just an unmasking of the deviousness of labour politicians.


Patsy, I am not interested in what Labour did when they were in, that was then this is now and we would do well to stop harping on it as Cameron and a few others are doing now.

What I am interested in is what MY PARTY!! is doing, two wrongs have never made one right in my view.

Labour fed us for years with the BS. about what the Conservatives did or did not do when in office, Joe Public was sick to the the back teeth of that crap then without it being rammed down our throats by our people.

Your trouble Patsy is that front bench can do no wrong in your eyes, I would rather their mistakes were dealt with early on than have Labour ram them down our throats later.

Wake up and smell the coffee, praise when it is right to do so but for God's sakeke take the blinkers off and face reality when they are in the wrong as that fool Gove certainly was. Bear in mind be dropped two B...ock's not just the original, it seems the fool never learns by his mistakes.

Gove is one of Cameron's bigger mistakes. Get rid now before blunderbuss repeats his errors.

Ultimo Tiger

"Gove must go, and go now."

What the hell for?


After having to face Parliament to say sorry for his first calamity of a list for schools having their building plans scrapped, he has managed to mess it up again.

On his second list he foolishly says Monkseaton School rebuilding has been stopped.

Not only has Monkseaton been re-built which was a childish error on Gove’s part to make, he has made a fool of himself and our PM, David Cameron has ACTUALLY!! visited the School to see the new building for himself.

How incompetent is that?

Or can you still find excuses for him Patsy?

I was an ardent supporter of Gove and have said so many times on here, not any more until he learns to check his facts and stop giving ammunition to the likes of Watson.

This time Watson was correct so one up to him and one down to us.


Typical then again being a socialist all he has to live for is getting on his soapbox! The worst part is that 3 down from him sits the man that sadly represents me in parliament, won by 1000 votes, is backing Ed Balls and is on the hard left. On the upside we are in power (sort of)!

John B Sheffield

Watson makes himself look a fool, which is not hard currently for some labour MP's, they are acting like kids in a school yard/

Patsy Sergeant

You obviously didn't read my comment properly Praetorian, I did NOT excuse Michael Gove, I suggested that he and other senior Consevative MP should stop being so gullible!

And to you I say, you are being facile, to say that the Labour government was THEN and the Conservative government is now and that is that, is facile in the extreme.

It is an established fact in more than a few quangos that the fat cats at the top, for instance Suzy Leather, are the privately educated socialist camp followers put in place by a socialist government - THEY are still there. They are not about to make policies easier for those they see as their political enemies. And if you think that that sort of idea is too difficult to take on board, then all I can say is what a gift you would be for Labour and the likes of Mr. Brown! Presumably you never questioned what Brown announced he was going to do in the Commons, or indeed Balls either, if they said they were going to do something, I suppose you believed that they would!


Patsy had you have read my comments when Labour was in power I very much doubt if you would be asking such questions. As for being facile it is you who should read my comments more carefully as I was careful not to sound insincere. However no matter your opinion of that is of no interest one way or the other to me. Sorry that is not meant to be offensive just a fact.

What do I have to say to you to convince you I am not interested in what Labour had to say? and your petty remarks regarding....

"It is an established fact in more than a few quangos that the fat cats at the top, for instance Suzy Leather, are the privately educated socialist camp" Patsy, even the village idiots know that. I am not interested in that they are now history. Stop looking back go forward and show them different, by word and deed.

I am only interested in what WE!! do and not Labour, I could recite all their misdemeanours without you telling me..What is facile about that?

The electorate got heartily fed up of Labour saying "and when the Conservatives were in power they did this that and the and the other, they got sick of the BS. And now you are reversing the trend and doing exactly what YOU!!!yourself rightly used to complain bitterly about in the past.

So what was it you said about me being FACILE? methinks the boot is on the other foot. Why do you find it so neccessary to accuse and insult people who disagree with you? people can hold a view without being accused of being facile which I took extremes offence too, this is why we got the "Nasty Party" label, so learn to agree to disagree without the need to create uneccessary and uncalled for offence. I very often read your posts when you carped on and on, quite rightly so about Labour constantly whined about us abot .


Get over it, end of subject full stop, will not be replying to you again on this subject, although
I normally think you are well worth a read, unfortunately not this time.
This subject has not been one of your better post,

christina Speight

Praetorian, ou pought to be interested in what Labour got up to as the whole thing was a carefully prepared devious and dirty trick - a trap set up in the dying days of the most disgraceful government in living memory.

Bu try the whole story in Private Eye this week briefly precised by me here at at 04:29 PM

Mark M

Why can't he get a suit that fits? Is he not paid enough, or does he buy off the shelf because he can't claim it on expenses?

TrueBlueToryBoy Blog

He has every right to be angry. From what I have heard a large amount of these schools which had their hopes raised and then let down again were in his constituency He represents those people and thus has every right to have a go at Gove. Gove's Free School ideas have been shown to be a complete pile of rubbish and is one of these modernising liberal Conservatives.


Is it just me, or does anyone else notice how Tom Watson looks like a fat Eric Morcambe Look-a-like in this vid?

Craig Strachan

Disgraceful. There was absolutely no call for such personal abuse from that oafish fatso Watson.

Steve Tierney

Tom Watson is clearly an extremely unpleasant bully with a limited grasp of language. His orchestrated 'outrage' demonstrated this quite ably.

Gove's mistake was unfortunate and serious, but how refreshing it is to have a genuine and open apology in such circumstances. Remember the "big news" when Gordon Brown finally 'sort of' apologised for the first time ever? We have a better class of government now.

Watt Tyler

Well done Gove - you lying hypocritical incompetent toff twat.
How many tory millionaire cabinet members will allow their children to be taught in clapped out sub standard schools?
So spare me the pitiful insincerity of, "We're all in this together"
Scum, the lot of you and your banker wanker friends.

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